Construction Challenges? At RECO We Always Figure Out a Way.

Construction Challenges? At RECO We Always Figure Out a Way.

Construction Challenges?  At RECO We Always Figure Out a Way.

The ideal location for your next tank or tank repair might not be in the most ideal construction zone. In fact, odds are it won’t be. Just consider a couple of recently completed RECO Constructors jobs where space and time constraints were so tight it could have seemed that our customers were asking for the impossible, yet we found a way.

In the first example (see photo), the tank was fully built nearby which allowed for the fastest tank replacement turnaround possible. Once constructed, it was ready for a quick and safe installation.

Perhaps even more challenging was replacing a 20-foot diameter critical horizontal filtrate tank measuring 60 feet in length and positioned in the middle of a congested production floor, surrounded by piping and other equipment. The maximum headroom along the access path was only 15 feet and the load on the building’s structural beams had a 2,000-pound restriction. To further complicate the job, a complete shutdown was out of the question. The time line was just as “impossibly” tight as the space constraints. RECO found a way.

Like many other projects before this one, RECO Constructors took on the challenge, worked within the constraints and planned the round-the-clock operation meticulously. As a normal practice, safety is always in the forefront during the planning stage, and essential contingencies were made to mitigate any potential surprises.

To resolve the complexity of the project, streamline the workflow, and for ease of logistics, a monorail system was built so the old tank could be taken out efficiently, piece by piece, after it was dismantled. Limited access also meant that each new dish head had to come in two pieces, and without enough room to maneuver, many large work pieces had to come in with specific orientation and rotated into final positions per a predetermined exacting plan.

Understanding that there was no room for error and maintaining our high-quality standards were paramount to the quick success of this project. We worked diligently to meet our customers needs and accomplished the tasks that our customers feared nearly impossible to achieve.

How can RECO Constructors help resolve the challenges before you?

Steel Tank Construction & Repair

API Above Ground Welded Steel Tanks

On-site installation of carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, alloy & aluminum welded tanks for storage of fuel, water, chemicals and dry products as well as process tanks such as clarifiers, filtrate tanks, causticizers and others.

Industrial ASME Pressure Vessels

ASME Section VIII Process Vessels and Tanks used in the petroleum, pulp and paper, chemical, and power generation industries. Complete custom design and construction to meet your facility’s unique requirements.

Welded Tank Repairs & Service

We’ll come to you! Full repair services on all types of tanks and pressure vessels or similar equipment. Repairs can include new bottoms, shell repair, roof replacements and more including indoor confined locations.

Customized Engineering & Design

We offer complete in-house engineering for all tanks and vessels we build. Engineering and design capabilities include, but are not limited to, API 650, API 620, API 653, ASME Section VIII, AWWA D100, FM and NFPA.

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